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What is involved with a Wellness Exam, and why it is so important?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Routine wellness care is important. It provides for early detection and prevention of disease which can mean a healthier and longer life for your pet. If a problem can be detected in its early stages, it’s more likely to be resolved with less expense, less difficulty and better success. Wellness exams are also a time to ask questions and address any concerns you have about your pet.

   The physical exam is an important part of wellness care.  Your pet’s veterinarian will examine the pet’s eyes, ears, skin, teeth and gums, listen to the heart, feel the abdominal organs and check the hips and knees. Pets often hide signs of illness and performing a physical exam will allow the veterinarian to identify and address problems such as obesity, ear infections, dental disease, heart murmur, abdominal pain and arthritis.  

Vaccinations, heartworm testing and intestinal parasite screenings are also important parts of wellness care and can prevent diseases that are not only life threatening for your pet but can be very expensive to treat. Some of these diseases can be contagious to people so this makes prevention even more important.

    Pets age more rapidly than people so an annual wellness appointment is very important.  Your pet’s veterinarian can recommend a wellness program based on your pet’s breed (some breeds are predisposed to certain health problems), age, lifestyle and overall health. Proactive wellness care plays an important role in helping your pet enjoy a longer, healthier life with you.

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